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Are you ready for a LEGENDARY EXPERIENCE?

The Huey is best known for its iconic acoustically, rhythmic, thumping sound. While serving in Vietnam, to some it was the sound of hope and to other it was the sound of thunder.

Our Huey was manufactured in 1966 and flew two tours of duty in Vietnam. She has since been painstakingly restored to her original livery and kept in immaculate condition and is maintained by a dedicated crew of engineers. Capable and ready to provide an adrenaline packed LEGENDARY EXPERIENCE to those who dare seek thrill and adventure.

#FLYTHEHUEY is the only privately owned Huey helicopter in the world licensed to offer an adventure helicopter flight to civilian clients. Book your private seats on board this LEGENDARY American war machine today!

huey helicopter flight cape town

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HUEY Helicopter flights in Cape Town

Book an open door adventure helicopter flight onboard the most iconic military vehicle ever created, the HU-1 Iroquois (Huey). Feel the wind in your hair and the smell of the ocean as you skim the waves. Our pilots are ready to take you on a LEGENDARY Vietnam combat simulation flight. Rated as Cape Town’s 1# bucket list item.

All adventure flights, except the Combat flight, are private flights.
You pay for the entire helicopter that can seat a maximum of 9 passengers per flight.

  • Huey Combat Flight Cape Town
    From: R5,236 pp
    R5,236 $324 £263 310
    Approximate flight time: 25 MINUTESExperience the Ultimate rush of the combat mission adventure flight through the Combat Zone.
  • Sport Cape Town Huey Helicopter | Tours | Two Oceans
    R35,480 Per Flight
    R35,480 $2,193 £1,780 2,101
    Approximate flight time: 18 MINUTESFeel the adrenaline pulsing through your veins and the wind rushing through the open doors during this low level flight on the Huey Army Helicopter.
  • Sport Cape Town Huey Helicopter
    R16,880 Per Flight
    R16,880 $1,043 £847 1,000
    Approximate flight time: 12 MINUTESSee our beautiful city and the ever popular beach hotspots from the air in the Huey Helicopter.
  • Huey Helicopter | Adventure Flights
    R22,580 Per Flight
    R22,580 $1,396 £1,133 1,337
    Approximate flight time: 16 MINUTESFly along our breath taking beaches on the Atlantic Seaboard and the majestic 12 Apostles in our original Huey Army Helicopter.
  • Sport Cape Town Huey Helicopter | Tours | Two Oceans
    R30,490 Per Flight
    R30,490 $1,885 £1,530 1,806
    Approximate flight time: 24 MINUTESA Huey Helicopter experience that is world renowned and shares the same name as the ever popular Cape Town Two Ocean’s Marathon.
  • Huey Helicopter | Adventure Flights
    R60,980 Per Flight
    R60,980 $3,769 £3,060 3,612
    Approximate flight time: 48 MINUTESThis Huey Helicopter experience will take you to Cape Point, a nature reserve within the Table Mountain National Park.

WARNINGYou are about to experience low level combat style flying onboard an authentic American Army helicopter with the iconic Huey thump in the background.

Please be sure to hold onto your belongings (cellphones and cameras). In the event of you dropping your device, consider it lost and never to be found again. We cannot take responsibility for any loss or damage to your devices. We request that you consider leaving your devices at the helibase and enjoy your flight uninterrupted!

You are in safe handsOur fleet has a 100% incident free safety rating. Every member of our staff, from the pilots till the engineers, are well trained and consider your safety as their first priority.

#FLYTHEHUEY is a division of Sport Aviation based in Cape Town, South Africa. Sport Aviation has it’s own state of the art helicopter maintenance office based at the Cape Town International Airport. We employ multiple engineers who have years of experience in the aviation industry. Our highly skilled engineers pay attention to every little detail and take great care of the Sport Helicopters Fleet.

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